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USJ×Mario | Do You Really Need the Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Universal Studios Japan  Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band
Power up your visit with a Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band!

A new area, Super Nintendo World, has opened in Universal Studios Japan! It's a hugely popular area since its opening, where the world of the game we've seen many times has been recreated in real life. One famous item in 'Super Nintendo World' is the Power-Up Band — by wearing the Power-Up Band, you can actively enjoy Mario's world!

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Tip: Admission to Super Nintendo World is not automatically included in your Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass. A separate Area Timed Entry Ticket: Advanced Booking, Area Timed Entry Ticket, or Standby Entry Ticket per person is required.

To know more about entry tickets to Super Nintendo World, check out our guide:
※ USJ x Mario | Super Nintendo World: How to Get an Area Timed Entry Ticket! 
Tip: A separate Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass is required before you can enter Super Nintendo World and purchase your Power-Up Band.

Click here to buy your Universal Studios Japan Express Pass!

Types and Prices of the Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band:

There are 6 types of Power-Up Bands — each one is designed with the characters Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad (Kinopio), and Yoshi. Each Power-Up Band costs 4,200 yen (including tax).

When you sync the Power-Up Band with your smartphone, you join a team corresponding to each character. Each team's score is displayed in the rankings and every hour, a winning team is announced. Members of the winning team will be awarded a stamp! (Tip: Based on daily rankings, the Mario and Toad Power-Up Bands seem to be the most popular!)

How to Purchase the Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band

Power-Up Bands Superstar Plaza Super Nintendo World USJ
Get your Power-Up Bands at the carts inside Superstar Plaza

You can purchase the Power-Up Band in the Super Nintendo World area. It's recommended to buy it at the carts inside Superstar Plaza, located near the entrance of Super Nintendo World — if you’re in a hurry, the carts at Bowser's Castle and Yoshi's Adventure tend to be less crowded.

Tip: You can also consider buying the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass prior to your visit, which already comes with a Power-Up Band AND shortens the waiting time for select rides. If you bought the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass, you can redeem your Power-Up Band at California Confectionery in the Hollywood Area (refer to the photo below)

How to Use the Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band

Using the Power-Up Band is simple. Just wear it on your wrist, and it will record your adventures within the area. If you link it with the official park app, you can check the coins, stamps, and play records you've collected on your smartphone. You can also check the records of other players, so it's possible to compete with your friends for scores!

The app also includes a map where you can check the locations of activities within the area, and even the spots for Key Challenges. Spoiler: We're diving into that juicy stuff next. 😉

Unlocking the 5 Key Challenges 🗝️🎉:

What's a Key Challenge, you ask? Well, it's the exclusive party for those rocking the Power-Up Band!

Scattered around Super Nintendo World are five super-fun challenges, and they're calling your name! If you spot that key symbol, that means it's your cue. Wave your band-adorned hand (or give it a tap), and bam, you're in! 🚀 From solo adventures to teaming up with pals, there's a flavor for everyone.

So, buckle up! We're about to deep-dive into each of these fab five challenges. Let the games begin!

  • Key Challenge 1: Noko Noko POW Block Punch 🥊🍄:

Ready for some POW action? The game is simple: punch that "POW Block" with perfect timing to send Mr. Green Shell soaring and flip that cheeky Koopa Troopa (aka Noko Noko) upside down. Give the far-left "POW Block" a whack, and watch the power ripple through to its neighbor — but, heads up, it's trickier than it sounds! 🌀Keep an eye on that zippy green shell and those "POW Blocks". Nail the timing, and you're golden!

  • Key Challenge 2: Piranha Plant Alarm Panic 🌱⏰:

Ever tried sneaking around a snoozing Piranha Plant? Here’s your chance! Tap those alarms that just won't quit ringing, all while tiptoeing around our leafy friend. As the game kicks off, 12 alarms go off all of a sudden — teamwork makes the dream work here! Make sure to gather up to 4 buddies. Oh, and remember, each person requires a Power-Up Band!

  • Key Challenge 3: Bob-omb Disassembly Puzzle 💣🧩:

Alright puzzle fans, get ready for a blast! Scramble around, grab those scattered pieces, and slap the puzzle together before the clock ticks down. But hold on! Every time a bomb goes 'BOOM,' we're back to a jumbled mess. Gather the squad — whether you're on piece-hunting duty or puzzle-assembling magic, teamwork's the name of the game. Roll in with up to 4 pals. And oh! Don’t forget, each of you needs your trusty Power-Up Band to join the fun!

  • Key Challenge 4: Kuribo Kuru Kuranke 🌀🍄:

Handle-turning madness awaits! Give that handle a spin and send that Goomba for a tumble down the opposite hole. Swing your band and—ta-da!—out pops a Goomba. Time to show off those arm muscles and give it your all! Heads up, little adventurers: the handle's got a bit of weight to it, so it might feel like a mini-workout. 💪 This is a solo gig, so get ready to take the spotlight!

  • Key Challenge 5: Dossun Flip Panel 🌈:

Alright, color fanatics, "Dossun Flip Panel" is your jam! The mission? Get all those panels to rock the same color before the clock runs out. Flying solo? No sweat! But, if you ask me, this game's a hoot with 2 to 4 buddies. Actually, snagging at least one partner might up your winning game. Going in as a team? Teamwork makes the dream work, so chat it out and pick a color strategy. And remember, those sneaky panels switch up their shades on you, so keep an eye out and tap, tap, tap!

Bowser Jr's. Final Battle 🐢💥:

Alright, after conquering those wild Key Challenges and nabbing three keys, you're set for the ultimate showdown: Bowser Jr.'s. Final Battle! Give that Power-Up Band a wave at the entrance of Bowser Jr.’s sneaky lair. Your mission is to get back that swiped Golden Mushroom. It's you (and up to 11 other players) versus Bowser Jr. And the best part? You get to channel your inner Mario — dodging, ducking, and jumping around.

FAQs about Super Nintendo World Power-Up Bands

Q. What happens if you hit a block without a Power-Up Band?

Without a Power-Up Band, you won't be able to collect coins or stamps. The sound that plays when you hit a block also won't occur without a Power-Up Band.

Q. Do Power-Up Bands have different functions depending on their design?

The functionality is the same for all of them. The design determines which character's team you belong to.

Q. Is it possible to change to a different team with a different design of Power-Up Band?

You cannot change teams. You would need to separately obtain a Power-Up Band with a different design.

Q. Is the Power-Up Band rechargeable?

The Power-Up Band does not require charging. You can use it without worrying about running out of battery.

Q. Can the Power-Up Band be used multiple times?

It can be used multiple times each time you visit the area. You can continue to enjoy where your previous play record left off from your last visit.

Q. Can you reset the Power-Up Band?

You cannot reset it. Even if you uninstall the official app or unlink the app from the band, re-registering will allow you to access past play records again.


Wearing the Power-Up Band alone greatly expands the range of activities you can experience at Super Nintendo World. There are also activities like Key Challenges where you cooperate with multiple people, so it's a good idea to have one for each person.

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